I didnt get much time to create this page. Of late i have been working on Installer 2.0. It is a windows based installation utility. I intend to release it as a freeware soon. But for now i need someone to do the testing on it. To go to the installer page click here. This page will be updated as soon as i get the time. This is my first attempt at making a web page so please if u have any suggestions let me know.

My Favourite Links:
The following are some real good sites that i have come across while surfing the web. If u feel that u'r site should be included in here send mail to me.

Delphi Sites:
Being a programmer working with Delphi I found these sites really helpful. These Delphi sites are worth visiting. For a complete list click here.
Delphi Information Connection
The Delphi Companion
The Delphi Connection WWW Forum
The Delphi Exchange
The Delphi Hackers' Corner
The Delphi Nerds' Playground
The Delphi Station
Temple of Delphi
The Delphi Deli
Game Sites:
These are some really really cool Game Sites giving you free downloads and lots more.
Total Entertainment Network
Sierra Games
(UK) Playstation Site.
Indian Sites:
The following are some real cool Indian Sites on the web. If you find any more real good sites please tell me.

This Page is always under construction.

Please tell me what you think about my home page and how I might improve it.

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